Acro Tool & Die


Acro Tool & Die Company has been developing and manufacturing small precision metal components for more than 60 years. Our engineers and technicians are among the best in the world and utilize state of the art technology combined with years of practical experience to insure the highest quality components are delivered on time with every order.

We have been additive manufacturing via Direct Metal Laser Sintering since 2012 and have become an industry expert in DMLS providing the finest as built surface finishes available while incorporating Acro proprietary DMLS technologies where appropriate. Our CNC milling and machining department includes 3 and 5 axis machines and can work in concert with other manufacturing processes or produce stand-alone CNC machined parts. Acro utilizes a vast suite of processes to manufacture the highest quality, most cost effective parts. Some of our additional processes include swiss-style lathe, wire cutting and marking, stamping and forming, grinding, polishing and heat-treating.