Acro Products

Acro Tool & Die Products

At Acro Tool & Die, we specialize in small metal parts, components, and assembly for a vast array of products in a variety of global industries. We manufacture millions of parts each year in full production runs. Acro also works with companies and institutions in public and private sectors in areas of product development and prototyping. Primary and secondary manufacturing operations are all performed in house utilizing the following manufacturing capabilities and materials:

DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)
• CNC Machining
• Laser Cutting
• Wire EDM
• Swiss Style Screw Machining
• Precision Metal Stamping
• Forming
• Grinding
• Heat Treating
• Tumbling
• Polishing
• Engraving
• Capacitive Discharge Welding
• Spot Welding
• Titanium
• PEEK Plastics
• Stainless Steel
• Tool Steel
• 1018 Cold Rolled Steel
• Aluminum
• Copper
• Inconel
• PH 15-7
• Brass

Tire Molds

Acro has been supplying the tire mold industry with components including sipes, vents, plates and plugs, for more than 60 years. Through the years Acro has consistently worked with Tire Companies and Tire Mold Manufacturers to develop progressive manufacturing solutions to complex designs. This progressive approach coupled with years of practical experience and unmatched customer service have made Acro the world’s leading supplier of tire mold components. Tire companies and tire mold manufacturers trust Acro.



Acro manufactures and assembles a variety of metal parts and components that serve the Aerospace and Defense sectors. Consistency in maintaining tight tolerances, outstanding customer service, and fast, on time delivery are signatures of Acro and provide our customers with the trust and value that they depend on.



Acro utilizes all aspects of our manufacturing capabilities to produce, medical devices and components for a variety of medical clients in fields from Endoscopy to Orthopedics and Implants. We are capable of working with an array of materials including exotic metals and PEEK plastics. A few examples of products that Acro can manufacture include:

• Orthopedic Screws and Plates
• Endoscopic Clips
• Surgical Instruments



Acro manufactures a diverse range of parts that are utilized in many industries where small precision metal parts are required.